GOP Wives Advertise Values

The story trailer on Wolf Blitzer’s ’Situation Room’ was unmistakable - GOP Wives Advertise Values. What has Campaign 2012 come to? Have the Republican candidates put their wives out on the street? If so, how in the world will advertising their values help their bedmates? If Clarissa Gingrich had any values she would not have Gingrich as a moniker. And about that Perry woman - she is really scary. Anyone who can claim that Rick Perry is God’s favorite son sure has her values screwed up. I have to give Rick Santorum’s wife credit for not advertising herself. I’m sure its not because the Santorums do not have values. They have all kinds of values - just ask Rick and he will list them ad infinitum. It might be that one of his values is to keep his wife off the street advertising their values. A wife’s place is in the kitchen. I have never seen Ron Paul’s wife. Does he have a wife? He may have given up on her when she gave birth to Rand. Huntsman’s wife? I suspect that she’s a closet Democrat and out of respect for Jon would prefer to remain in the closet. That leaves Mrs. Romney. Yes, lets leave Mrs. Romney. She couldn’t sell a value if she was giving it away.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Michelle Bachman’s wife. Bachman’s wife? Yeah, some ass told me that was her fantasy but she’s afraid the public would not buy it as a value. 

Blitizer's take on the subject? Sorry, I missed the whole report.

Ed Note: on 12/28 on the SituationRoom I saw Blitzer interviewing  Anne Romney. My comment  in the above post was not fair to her. She is quite good at selling her husband's values, as misguided as they may be.

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