Try to behave yourself 2012

So it's 2012. All I can read in the papers and on the Internet are poetic words about what a new year brings to us. I welcome the new year like I welcome all years. I've been around long enough, however, to dismiss all those glowing words about the promises of a new year. 2012 is what we will make of it and that will hardly be any different than what we made of the past new years. We will clumsily battle our way through the year making all the mistakes we have learned to make. The one lesson that we may have  learned is to roll with the punches. The punches will certainly be there but there is hope that they will glance off our bodies as we muddle through the year. We will frustratingly challenge 2012 it to live up to its promises and at the same time look forward  to  2013 and all its hopes for wonderful things to happen.

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