When I'm President

I wasn't feeling well last night so I decided to watch the Republican debate from Las Vegas. What's the connection? None - when one is not feeling well , all kinds of weird choices are made.

Two hours later I felt much worse. What was originally a toothache developed into a pain in the ass. Watching these presidential hopefuls debate was like watching a bar room drunken discussion except these guys, and lady, were sober.

It also became obvious to me that these "debaters" were a bit confused. They evidently think that the President of the United States has dictatorial powers. Repeatedly I heard words like, " When I'm President I will repeal Obamacare", " When I'm President I will simplify the tax code with my 9-9-9 plan", "When I'm President I will build a wall to keep out all illegals". They might as well have said, "When I'm President I will dissolve Congress, dismiss the Supreme Court, get myself a fancy uniform with lots of medals and rule the United States of America". Why can't they settle for, "If elected President I will work with Congress to implement my programs". I know the answer to that - it's all about politics and appealing to voters. How naive can I be!

Before going any further this disclaimer must be made. Running for Dictator of the United States is not confined to Republicans. Remember "Yes We Can"? It sounded awful good but Congress had other plans - "Not tonight, I've got a headache!" Barack Obama found out that ideas are nice but implementing them is another thing. His motto more accurately should have been, " Yes We Will Try" but that would never have passed Madison Avenue muster.

One more thing about running for President of The United States. Since when is having business CEO experience a plus. CEO's have essentially dictatorial powers. Makes one wonder, do these clowns think we are fools who do not recognize the limitations of Presidential powers?

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Charles Leck said...

In answer to your very last question: "Yes!"