The Morning After

Yesterday I published a blog post highly critical of Time Warner. God only knows how many times I was tempted to use the delete button on the post. A little voice within me kept saying that my rage had gotten the best of me. Another voice kept reminding me that I had a valid gripe and publishing the post was one way to maintain some self respect. A third voice interrupted and said I should thank God for giving me an idea for this post. If God did that for me I'm in lots of trouble.

God only knows? Voices speaking to me? You would think I was running for President. I don't want to mention names but Rick Perry and his spouse have a private line to God or so they would have us believe . Hold it, that voice is tormenting me again. I didn't want to mention names but I did. Now that other voice is coming in loud and clear. It's reminding me that the Perry's special relationship with God has already been dealt with in the media.

Exactly what are these voices that choose to use my mind as a forum for debate? Beats the hell out of me. I know it's not God or the Devil. They are much too busy communicating with people who have a larger ego than mine or a more creative imagination. If it's not the aforementioned  perhaps it is what we refer to as a conscience.

 ( I thought I'd use aforementioned just to lend some class to the post. I'm not quite sure what it refers to either, but it sounds good. Besides the Devil made me do it.)

I suspect that all of these voices are something called conscience.  I can understand the  confusion of the Perry's when it comes to getting messages from God. The fools have a conscience that is telling them to get the hell out of the presidential race. They in turn rationalize that it is only God testing their faith and God is really telling them that the country needs them. That's why they came up with the flat tax. The joke is on them. It was the Devil's doing and they will soon be retiring to that ranch of theirs which uses the "N" word in its name.

 Heck, God anticipated the problem of individuals claiming to communicate with God and decided to give us all a conscience. The problem faced by most of us (especially the Perrys) is that we don't listen to our conscience.

At this point a disclaimer is in order. I know next to nothing about the inner workings of communicating with God. I do know something about my conscience. I do feel better about yesterday's post. This post has taken my mind off of it which does not say much about my mind. My conscience tells me to call Time Warner as soon as possible and cancel some of my current services before I'm forced to have my Social Security check direct deposited to my Time Warner account.

There you have it , my morning after blues. I have solved nothing and probably confused a lot of things but my conscience is clear and the delete button on my keyboard is off limits.

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