Baseball At Its Worst

Champagne Celebration
I look forward to the baseball playoffs and World Series. The games are exciting and unpredictable. The managing goes beyond expectations. All is first class until inevitably a league division champion emerges , followed a pennant winner, followed by a World Champion. Each of these championships demand the mandatory champagne showers in the locker room. The problem with baseball champions is that all of a sudden they become juvenile bush leaguers. How so? What else can you call the celebrations in the locker room with the required dousing of players with cheap - I hope - champagne. What kind of a message does this send to our youth? A better question is why does the Commissioners Office allow such sophomoric exhibitions with alcohol? One of these days some millionaire's eyes will be seriously injured. Maybe that's why swimming goggles as alcohol-related celebratory protective eyewear are prevalent at modern day celebrations. In the meantime , I'll ignore the celebrating part of the game but I will drink a toast to the champion. I promise not to spill a drop.

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