Teaching Revisited

 Picked up the above image from my son's Facebook page. A picture is worth a thousand words. Wish I had it when I wrote the following months ago.

The noblest profession of them all and perhaps the most maligned is teaching! As we celebrate the landing of the first man on he moon, kudos go to the engineers, scientists and astronauts who made it possible. Let us not forget that somewhere in the background of every engineer, scientist and astronaut there was a teacher who planted the seeds which later matured into a harvest of entrepreneurship and scientific accomplishments.

Somewhere in the background of a Pulitzer prize winner was a teacher who introduced the writer to the magic of good literature.

Somewhere in the background of Academy Award winners was a teacher who ignited the spark propelling them to venture before an audience.

Let us not forget the impact of the ultimate teachers --- Aristotle, Jesus Christ, Mohamed and Buddha. Their teachings have formed the foundation of our civilization.

Teachers give of themselves to others so that others can have a chance of enjoying productive lives. I am proud to have a daughter, son, sister, niece, sister-in law and grand nephews who made teaching an important part of their lives.

The next time someone gripes about teacher's pay and how easy they have it, they might do well to reflect on what life would be like without having someone to teach us to read, write and think.

Of course there are bad teachers. I'm tempted to say that behind every bad doctor, engineer, writer , lawyer was a bad teacher. That would not be fair. Suffice to say that being bad at what one does is not restricted to teachers.

If everyone was good at what they did , we would not need anyone to lead the way. I don't have any statistics to support this, but I daresay there are many more good teachers than bad teachers. How else would I be typing this on a gadget called a computer?

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