Much Too Scary!

The high primal and I sometimes engage in a debate over what's worth watching on TV. There was no debate tonight. In fact by a unanimous vote we decided not to watch the New Hampshire presidential debate. The deciding factor was that the people debating were much too scary for an elderly couple. It's not even Halloween yet and these clowns are up to the old Conservative tricks. We'll read all about it tomorrow morning. Hope Obama watches - he might pick up some ammo to use in the debates next year .

Speaking of Obama, he and his team must be doing something right lately. Their performance on job creation is not so hot but how about the job they are doing on going after the baddies. First bin Laden bit the dust, then al Awlaki and now they may have Ahmadinejad  where they want him. The a-hole thinks he's a mafioso and  ordered a hit on the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. Hasn't been proven in a court of law ( the al Awlaki hit indicated this is a superflous step), but it sure looks good right now. This whole thing about assassinations is very,very scary. Almost as scary as the Republican presidential candidates. Watch your ass Obama!

What did we decide to watch on TV? The ALCS game number 3 of course. Watching Detroit and Texas play is exciting and scary at the same time. The pre-game show had a segment which really makes you want to root for the Tigers. With tears in his eyes, Jim Leyland paid tribute to the Detroit fans  especially the unemployed ones (there is no truth to the rumor that Rick Perry offered to move those fans to Texas which has all kinds of minimum pay jobs available for them).

How about Leyland's comment about the postponed  Sunday game 2 - Around here if someone buys an umbrella they close the schools.

In spite of Leyland's tears , the Tigers are off to bad start. It's only the fourth inning but Texas has the lead. There would be nothing scarier than Texas winning the World Series. Well, Rick Perry becoming President would really scare the shit out of me.

HOLD THE PRESSES!!! Curiosity got the best me  - tried to find the debate on TV but it is AWOL. Whoever said that the Republican debate was being televised tonight? Me? I was wrong again. That's been happening a lot lately - really scary!

 Tigers have taken the lead. That's not scary.

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