Too Qualified For The Job

The Plain Dealer reported this morning  that the Cuyahoga County Executive has stopped a former top aid to Jimmy Dimora from running ethics classes for County employees. Jimmy Dimora is a former County Commissioner who is awaiting trial on a bushel full of corruption charges. This action on the part of County officials is short sighted. Who better to lead an ethics class for those who play with taxpayer's money than a former aid to an official who was a master at lining his own pockets at the taxpayer's expense. Surely the aid must have learned something about  ethics  or more accurately the lack of ethics from his boss.  County officials may have acted too hastily in dismissing Dimora's former top aid as an ethics instructor. It appears to me that he was well qualified. Or was he over qualified?

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Charles Leck said...

Bingo! What a great closer... that question. You are writing better and better stuff and I only wish thousands and thousands were reading you. You ARE America's soul.