Happy Independence Day

The Fourth of July, a time for picnics, a time for fireworks, a time to remember that it is Independence Day, a time to remember the founding fathers who planted the seeds for a great nation. After the last hot dog comes off the grill and the last blast of a rocket is heard, it will be time to remember that tomorrow will come, and with it all the formidable problems facing this great nation. We will awaken to a Congress stalemated because of the political agenda of opposing political parties. We will awaken to a Republican Party determined to make Obama a one term President and the hell with the consequences. We will awaken to a Democrat Party which because of its wimpy leaders is playing into the hands of the Republicans. We will awaken to a Supreme Court which is determined to take us back to the days of Robber Barons. We will awaken to wars and unrest through out the world which are taxing our military strength and fiscal responsibilities. We will awaken to an economy which is eroding the American Dream. We will awaken to the strong possibility that this great nation will do the unthinkable and reneg on its debts. This nightmare needs to end. Will the real Barack Obama please step forth before it's too late. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! 

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Charles Leck said...

Happy Independence Day, Tony!