From Superpower To Banana Republic In One Easy Step

In A New York Times article, Sam Dillon reports that " as budgets are trimmed, time in class is shortened". He goes on to write:

"After several years of state and local budget cuts, thousands of school districts across the nation are gutting summer-school programs, cramming classes into four-day weeks or lopping days off the school year, even though virtually everyone involved in education agrees that American students need more instruction time."

The article is all about the struggle to provide the education needed by our young people in order to survive in today' world. It is unthinkable that when push comes to shove, those who administer our schools and local budgets will make do with less bucks for education. What is worse is that parents will let them get away with shortchanging their offspring.

I'm convinced that strong public school education for all is what made this nation a superpower. If we  make education a low priority for our tax dollars we will produce a generation incapable of coping with modern technology. We will be led rather than lead. Of course the rich will have no problem educating their darlings in a private school, thus ensuring that we evolve into a nation of aristocrats and serfs. How long will the serfs be content with their status in society?      

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