Duffer Days

Absolutely no respect (early 50's)
While walking this morning and observing the golfers hacking away at golf balls I had a flashback to yesteryear when I dared to venture out on a golf course. I was undoubtedly one of the worse duffers who dared to intimidate a golf ball. My first set of golf clubs came straight out of a pawn shop. I purchased these relics shortly after my college graduation. My good friend Ernie and I decided that since we had been duly certified as professional men we should adopt that gentleman's game called golf. No lessons, just what we learned through observing other golfers. Needless to say we became the talk of the club house. Keep away from those duffers was the thread of the conversations. My friend Ernie went on to become a respectable golfer. I went on to become a feared golfer. Everyone was afraid I would invite myself to a golf match. The photo above gives you some idea of the respect I received. My golfing days ended abruptly. I woke up one morning - very, very early- and got ready to drive out to a golf course to meet some friends. It suddenly occurred to me that I was not looking forward to hacking away at a golf ball, losing a ton of balls, embarrassing myself and missing out on some needed sleep. I did not keep my golf date. I mentioned earlier that my first set of golf clubs came from a pawn shop. My last set of golf clubs ended up in the trash. I tried to sell my clubs but I was unceremoniously informed that no self respecting golfer would be seen dead with them. I must admit, I did have some fun playing golf. I've had more fun watching the golf tournaments on TV. Considering my reputation as a duffer, it is ironical that I now reside in a community surrounded by a golf course. So far I have not been asked to vacate the premises.

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