Making An Ass of Oneself

On a recent shopping trip to a supermarket I approached the bakery department and found myself staring at a bun - not the special of the day but a bun peering out of hip hugger jeans. Bent over selecting some doughnuts was a middle aged lady, who had slinked into jeans at least one size too small. To make matters worse , the lady undoubtedly had chosen to be sans underpants. When she straightened up, I thought the bun or more properly ass would retreat to its home but obviously the jeans were more accurately two sizes too small. The ass was meant to be exhibited for all to see. The greatest shock came when she turned around. Holy cow, she had a face that would stop a clock. No wonder she walked around with her ass exposed, it was by far her best feature. Not only would her face stop a clock but it would scare a dog out of a butcher shop or at best was a face only a mother could love. I may be doing the poor woman an injustice but thrusting her ass in my face left me no alternative. She made an ass of herself but I'm grateful to her for this post.

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