How low can airlines fly

Weinergate made the headlines this week but not for long. Not to be outdone, Delta Airlines stole the show by demonstrating just how low an American Corporation can get. Grabbing exorbitant baggage fees from  servicemen returning from Afghanistan was Delta's way of showing their appreciation for their service. Caught with their flaps down, the recalcitrant airline officials now will allow servicemen to board with two extra bags free. Bullshit! Why can't they forget the fees altogether? Next time their lobbyists spend "baggage fee" money to lobby Congress for more subsidies, they should be run out of town on a rail. Why is that individuals are asked to sacrifice for the good of their country while Corporations  are exempt? Globalization? Corporations are starting to resemble "The Man Without A Country".

Having said that, let me hasten to add that there are many Corporations that can properly be labeled "good citizens". One that shall go unnamed is the one that pays my pension. A few bucks ( and they are a few) can buy anyone.

Back to Weinergate. According to CNN he is not giving up the headlines. Wish he would resign and make room for the next Congressman to act like a sophomore. Boys will be boys. Some will even grow up to become President of The United States.

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