More Stimulus Money Gone Bad

In my 6/2/11 post I confessed to the misuse of stimulus money concerning my finch feeder project. Further investigation has revealed that the fraudulent use of stimulus money was greater than reported.

Funds were also used to establish "an upscale Humming Bird Bar where Humming Birds could wet their whistle with Tony's special nectar ". Once the project was completed the high primal and I began our watch for hummingbirds. Not a bird was sighted. This in spite of the meticulous care taken to clean the feeder.  In disgust, about a week ago, the diner/feeder was demolished, stimulus money be damned.

Thanks to dicklincoln.com
Lo and behold, this morning, a hummingbird was sighted at the sight of what was formerly Tony's Hummingbird Diner. The damn bird was having a great time satiating himself with nectar from the flowers which surrounded the former feeder.

When I reported this to the high primal , she asked if I was going to try a feeder again. My response. " Hell no! From now on, the only hummingbirds  welcome in our yard are Free Range Hummingbirds."

As for the stimulus money, The Treasury Department can consider it money well spent to verify that birds prefer Mother Nature.

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