Tony's Dove Feeder Has Moved

The last meal
Tony's Finch Feeder - correction, Dove Feeder-  proved to be an unintentional, overwhelming success among the Mourning Doves. Unfortunately the popularity of the feeder amongst the dove population far exceeded the available toilet facilities,  Doves queuing up for dinner made  liberal use of the lawn furniture. There was no way Tony was going to devote his days to cleaning up bird shit, so he called an emergency meeting of his Finch Diner Board. By a  unanimous vote it was decided to move the finch feeder to an undisclosed location. Once this was done, the Twitter social network was set ablaze with  tweets expressing anger about Tony's treatment of Doves. It now appears that a Mourning Dove Spring is in progress. At last reports the Interior Department has called for banning Tony and his board from all bird feeder activity. Tony vehemently has stated that he is in the bird feeder business to stay in spite of the damn doves. He also added that in a couple of weeks it will be Summer and that should take care of the Mourning Dove Spring.

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