Stimulus Money Gone To the Birds

President Obama will be in Toledo Friday hoping to garner a few votes by touting the success of the stimulus plan to save the domestic auto companies. Evidently there are those who say that this was money ill spent. It is not my intent to debate this issue. Since I drive a Toyota, anything I would have to to say would be tainted. On the other hand , I am familiar with  stimulus money being ill spent.

On 3/28 I wrote a post, "Tony's Finch Diner Files for Clicheruptcy". in which I chronicled my problems with my finch feeder franchise. A fellow blogger took note of my problems and promised to contact his congressman to enlist his aid in getting some significant stimulus money to save Tony's Finch Diners.

To my surprise, the stimulus money did become available. After consulting my board, I embarked upon a major renovation of my finch feeder ( code for " I bought an expensive feeder").

Early in May, Tony's Finch Diner had a grand opening. Business was great and finches of all varieties flocked to the new feeder. Success was short lived. News of the diner spread to the bird population. Especially noted was the platform at the bottom of the feeder. Mourning Doves decided that the platform was put there for their use. Yes, the doves became regular customers. What was meant to be a finch feeder was now a dove feeder.
Tony's Dove Feeder

To add insult to injury, yesterday I received a letter from the Treasury Department. In no uncertain terms I was advised that I had misspent the stimulus money. It was meant for a finch feeder, not a dove feeder. There is no way I can pay back the money. I did offer to ship the feeder to The White House. I understand there is a dog named Bo there ( I assume he is still there - hasn't been in the news lately)  who might be able to scare the doves away. I received another insulting letter calling me a fool to think the dog would scare the doves and not the finches. I responded that since the stimulus money spent on the car companies is still going to result in an 11 billion dollar loss for The Treasury, they could easily absorb my $29.95 loss.
Standing Room Only

The last I heard was that Obama was going to keep his distance from my yard when it comes to touting stimulus money successes.

But I Had Reservations

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