Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I published an  uncomplimentary post about Ohio and its love affair with guns on Thursday. Within a few hours Blogger crashed. Gone was my post! My first reaction was that the N.R.A. had recruited some commandos to take down Blogger in revenge for my gun control posts . I relished the thought that my humble post had attracted an attack by the N.R.A. My elation turned to disappoinment when further research revealed that the Blogger crash was some sort of a software glitch and had nothing to do with gun toting nuts. The thought that one of my posts was responsible, was nothing but a daydream.  As for Blogger, it's nice to know that their engineers are not afraid to to make changes for the sake of improvement. That's what engineers do. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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Charles Leck said...

I think you're on to something... or maybe you're on something! I wondered what caused that crash and deleted thousands and thousands of blog. I do think you ARE to blame. Don't mess with the NRA! That's the lesson. Chas