Welcome to Ohio, The Wild West Heartland

Gus Chan, Plain Dealer file
When I moved to Ohio from the Empire State in 1971, I was perplexed why Ohio was viewed as Mid-Western state. Everyone, with a few exceptions, appeared to be as normal as the people I had left behind. . It never occurred to me that Ohio was masquerading as an enlightened state. The term Mid-Western should have been a giveaway.

This morning I picked up The Plain Dealer and there in bold print was the real story of Ohio. Ohio is poised to abandon it's masquerade as an enlightened state. In fact , Ohio is poised to become a Wild West State. No more mid-west, no more "heartland"! Ohio is a signature away from becoming a playground for gun lovers.

 From The Plain Dealer this morning:.
"Ohio lawmakers on Wednesday moved a step closer to allowing gun owners to carry their concealed firearms into bars and restaurants.

The Ohio House approved House Bill 45 by a vote of 56 to 40. The Senate passed its own version, Senate Bill 17, last month. Because the Republican-controlled legislature can only send one bill on the same issue to Gov. John Kasich, they must pick a bill to work from then iron out any differences.
House Speaker Bill Batchelder, a Medina Republican, said the Republican governor has already assured him that the bill will get signed."

Not only can a gun lover carry a gun into a bar or restaurant but he or she can sport it in a stadium. Cleveland hasn't made any sports headlines in awhile ( except for the fast start of the Indians this Spring). Can't wait for the headlines when some one gets "offed" for looking at a gun toting , drunken, "sports fan" with a disapproving look.

I wonder if there is any chance that the proposed legislation can be dumped on the grounds that it is discriminatory. The bill discriminates against those of us who oppose anything that further erodes civility in our society. Interested A.C.L.U.? Just kidding A.C.L.U. - Iknow you have bigger fish to fry. By the way , do my dues entitle me to the fish fry?

After all these years , I don't intend to move back to the Empire State. Much too much trouble. Besides my Empire State passport elapsed.  Actually, living in the Wild West State of Ohio should be interesting.I,ve got a bid in on E-Bay for a bullet proof vest

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Charles Leck said...

OH MY GOD! Can not the bar/restaurant/stadium owner prohibit guns on their premises? Can you imagine a drunken, angry patron in Joe's Bar who gets crossed by an innocent young man who tells him to quiet down? The country is going a little crazy I think... or maybe just a lot crazy. Chas