The weather outside is sh##ty !

Oh the weather outside is sh##ty and the fire is a cracklin. And since we've got places to go, it will rain on our parade. Stop the rain! Stop the rain! Stop the rain!

 The middle of May and the furnace is running. Two days of sunshine and five days of rain, Temperatures drop and  depression rages. Four letter words about Mother Nature abound. What kind of a sadistic mother is she anyway?

 Hold on Mr. Blogger. Your home is not sitting in water up to your rooftop. There are no wildfires anywhere near your home. The earth isn't rumbling.  Mr. Blogger, you live in Paradise as imperfect as it may be.

The weather is  shitty in Paradise!

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Charles Leck said...

Better days are ahead. I am currently sending splendid weather your way. Chas