Identity Crisis

Congress working for the American people
 Now that a shutdown of the government has been averted I must deal with an identity crisis. The crisis was brought about by the Tea Party thugs who held the Republican leadership hostage who in turn held the Democrat leaders hostage during negotiations on spending cuts. When all was said and done , everyone agreed that they acted according to to the will of the American people. Therein lies the problem. I have documentation which proves that I am an American. My writing this should prove  that I am people. Adding one and one tells me that I am an American people. That being the case, how come that I cannot identify with the barrel of monkey's that poses as Congress these days. One answer is that I am not American people. I refuse; however, to part with my documentation and would rather conclude that " American people" has become a cliche. The term is trite and worn. When used by a politician or a bunch of radicals having tea it is meaningless. I wonder if I have a case for identity theft?

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