Chief Wahoo Musings

  • Watching the Indians play the the Angels at Goodyear, AZ. What's this? Chief Wahoo is missing from the Indian's batting helmet. Sure enough that's a block C on the helmet. Is this a sign that the Chief is close to retirement?
  • Hold the presses - the Chief is still hanging around. That's him adorning the sleeve on the jerseys. Damn, the Indians front office is sure making retirement for the Chief painful.
  • I remember attending some spring training games in Florida. They were either sell outs or close to it . Today's crowd at Goodyear looks sparse. Bad omen!
  • Back to the Chief - would A Day of Rage be in order to finally get him retired. The problem with this idea is that his supporters as a mascot have all the rage. The rest of us have the rhetoric. Still, it might be worth a try. At the very least , we might get Obama to attend opening day.
  • The Chief must go!

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