About My Body's Battery

It's 8:58 AM, so the clock says. My body insists that it is 7:58 AM, and it should know. I had every clock Spring Forward last night except my body clock. When I tried, it told me in no uncertain terms it knew how to tell time. What it didn't tell me was that the battery it uses to operate on needs replacing. Anyone will tell you that when changing clocks to comply with DST or ST or whatever, it is a good idea to change the batteries in the clocks, smoke alarms and CO detectors. Did that last night but I failed to find a way to change the battery in my body. My body came with a battery good for a lifetime. I've discovered that there is no way to replace it. I am fortunate that so far " good for a lifetime" is working out OK. The battery has lost some punch but it does its job except for keeping time. It gets me up late but it does get me up.

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