Are we in this economic mess alone?

    Corporations are sitting on record amounts of cash , about 1.9 trillion dollars. While they sit on their cash, high unemployment rates continue to be the number one barrier to a robust economy. More jobs will only be created once the corporations loosen their purse strings but executives say they can't do that until the economy is on more solid footing. For the economy to be on more solid footing the consumer must spend more. So it comes down to the consumer spending more and more of his cash while the corporations sit on their cash waiting for the economy to get better. If ever the corporations spend more of their cash by hiring people and expanding, the consumer will be rewarded by a booming economy. Not quite! It all depends on where the money for  jobs and expansion goes. My bet is overseas. In the meantime the consumer may well be sitting on a record amount of debt with no job.
     You and I are American citizens while corporations are global citizens ( although the Supreme Court has ruled that they are American citizens free to spend their money to buy elections). Therein lies the problem!

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