What Price Ego

Mubarak is eighty-two years old, old enough to retire by any standard. He's been at the job for thirty years and has surely earned a good pension or stolen enough to live happily ever after. So why does he want to hang on until September. Ego? To have the pleasure of going out on his own terms? To buy time for a "counter revolution"? All of the above? Probably, but if he is miscalculating, an assassin's bullet may be awaiting him. He needs to leave now! The United States must make this clear to him in no uncertain terms now. If we are the voice of democracy ,lets start using that voice in a bold manner.

Whether we get on board with the protesters in a solid manner or not , our diplomats had better start honing their skills to deal with the new Egypt. Here's hoping for an Egypt dedicated to freedom for its people and an Egypt that is a democracy and not a theocracy.

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