About Friends

    What are friends for? Normally one would think that friends are people you share your personal concerns with, that friends are people  you share your successes and personal disappointments with, that friends are people you socialize with. In this day of social networks; however, friends are people who patronize Facebook. Facebook urges us to accumulate hundreds of " friends". In fact the cliche, 'a friend of yours is a friend of mine' could very well be Facebook's motto. I dare say that many of the "friends" accumulated on Facebook are fair weather friends. I don't mean to make a big deal of Facebook 'friends'. After all , what's a little hypocrisy among friends.
    As an aside, although I would have liked to have seen a stronger response from the United Sates on the side of the protestors in Egypt , I'm sure Mubarak used the friend card with Obama - what are friends for! If he did , I'm sure he didn't do it thru Facebook - he's not a fan.

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