Execution Crisis

    Ohio (as well as other states) has a crisis of major proportions on its hands. Creating jobs? No, per the new Governor that's a piece of cake. Supporting schools? No, per the Legislature the status quo is just fine. Health care? No, that's Obama's problem. Killing people? Yes indeed! Lethal injection is the weapon of choice in Ohio. The problem is that the drug of choice, sodium thiopental, is no longer available. A drug company actually has a conscience and has stopped production of the drug to protest executions. Not to worry, the innovative Ohio Department of Corrections is prepared to substitute pentobarbital. One hitch. When the manufacturer of pentobarbital learned that its drug would be used to kill people rather than to make them well , they formally asked Ohio not to use the drug for executions. In blazing speed for a bureaucracy, Ohio announced that it would stick with the new drug. How can they do that? Apparently there is enough of a supply of the drug in the hands of distributors to satiate Ohio's appetite for putting people to death. As one official put it , " it is available, effective and humane". I guess what he meant is that no dog has ever complained about its use.
    Why not abandon capital punishment - it seems to be full of problems that no one has adequately addressed. When will we stop being hypocrites - admonishing Iran about the number of executions it carries out. Is a quota system more humane? And that is my rant for today !

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