The State of The Union

As for Obama's State of The Union address I have to agree with Paul Krugman' s blog post. As Krugman concluded:

 "We care about the future! But we don’t want to spend!"

There was much cheer leading last night but no trip ticket. After consulting AAA, the speech writers must have decided that it was to risky to take the trip. Probably because the road is full of potholes and there is no money to repair them!

It's going to be a rough ride the next two years. My personal opinion is that Obama's pleas for bipartisanship are falling on deaf ears. Let's hope that the partisanship which will inevitably prevail does not take us over the cliff.

I do need to make provisions for an electric car charger in my garage. Obama said I'd need one by 2015 .

Can Obama really keep his pledge to veto any bill with earmarks? I doubt it. Earmarks are what get Congressmen elected.

As for the Republican response, I still can't swallow the tea being served to the G.O.P. by The Tea Party.

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