Amend the Second Amendment?

The following appeared this morning in The Plain Dealer feature called Monday Moaning. No commenter's name appeared, but whoever wrote this provided a plateful of food for thought .

"I'm tired of hear about Second Amendment rights. I'm tired of politicians cowering at an NRA low rating. What does that mean anyway? Nothing. Your right to bear arms is not inalienable, not a human or civil right. It's was a necessity for that time. It's an Amendment like the 18th, Prohibition, which was a good idea at the time that created bad consequences and was quickly repealed by another amendment that made more sense. The same can be said for the Second Amendment. It was necessary and a good idea in 16th century proto-America. No one, even liberals, wants it repealed, just amended to reflect 21st century America."
-- Cleveland

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mjbarkl said...

It is time for those of us who believe the Second Amendment should be repealed to stand up and run for Congress. To that end I am accumulating links to web articles and lead comments advocating repeal at
http://www.mjbarkl.com/run.htm . Best wishes, --Mike