Read my lips

   Passing a group of women engaged in conversation , I heard the words, "Do you see what I'm saying?". I had to pause and reflect on what I had heard. The first thought I had was that she was obviously talking to a friend who was a lip reader. If so, why didn't she say, " read my lips", it would have been less confusing. Then I speculated that if  I stood there long enough I probably would hear her interjecting " do you see what I'm saying" several times during her conversation. The absurd thought popped into my mind that the phrase being part of her speech, she probably would use it while talking to a blind person.
   Being careful to insure that everyone is hanging on to every word we say is not limited to casual conversations. How many times does Obama say, "let me clear" during a speech or news conference.
   Actually, we all probably repeatedly use some sort of superfluous phrase during our conversations. You know what I'm talking about?

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