Put A Cork In It

 I've concluded that I have been suffering from political diarrhea.  In the future I'm going to put a cork in it. If that does not work, maybe putting a sock in it or better yet zipping it will do the trick. Ranting and raving on my part lends little or nothing to what I perceive as messy politics. Let those who are true students of politics handle the serious blogging . I may indulge myself with some humorous satire dealing with politics now and then but as far as the serious business of politics is concerned I'll limit myself to pointing out informative links . Having said that, I sincerely hope that Obama and his team get it right soon. They don't need me to point out their mistakes and they obviously don't need me for solutions - they are on their own. Blogging is fun and I'm going to try to keep it that way. Does this make me a blogging sissie? No, just a blogging realist.

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