Have A Chinese Merry Christmas

The Chinese have a lot to be merry about as the holiday season gets into full swing and they shower us with "Made In China" toys, housewares, clothing and Christmas decorations. The latter is especially important. Without Chinese prelit trees, LED light strings , wreaths and yes, manger scenes it would indeed be a drab Christmas.

 In appreciation for drowning us in cheap manufactured goods , let us join in saying Merry Christmas in Chinese? (For the uninformed , Merry Christmas in Chinese is Sheng Dan Kuai Le (Traditional: 聖誕快樂; Simplified: 圣诞快乐).)

 I'm sure the Chinese will not be offended if our unemployed Americans do not join in the greeting. As long as the Treasury keeps paying the interest on our massive debt , the Chinese could care less. Bah! Humbug!

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