Spring Forward One Month or How To Avoid Christmas Shopping

Every year about this time I become grouchier than usual. The high primal has confirmed this in no uncertain terms. The cause of my malady is Christmas shopping. I don't have a problem with Christmas - family gatherings and sumptuous meals are the perfect prescription for bringing a smile to a grouches face. Waiting until Christmas to get rid of my shopping induced bad personality trait gets to be more difficult each year. This year I resolved to do something about it. The solution was remarkably simple. One trip around the house flipping a page on the calendar and a session on the computer's Control Panel and suddenly it was January 10, 2011. No shopping deadlines, no crowded stores - the Christmas hassle was a thing of the past. Just as with Daylight Savings Time , I will have to find a way to even things up. No problem, on February 1, 2011 I'll simply flip back the calendar back  to January, 2011.

 I have the eerie felling that this fooling around with the calendar will never be embraced by the  Chamber of Commerce and the religious community. The blow that really caused me to trash my idea however, was when the high primal pooh-poohed it with, "even Rupert Murdoch can't do that".  I'm not so sure that's true - FOX News does a fine job of distorting everything else. I learned long ago not to argue with the high primal so it will be much easier to endure the shopping, leave the calendar alone and put a big smile on my face.

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