Time For Campaign 2012

  • It's Nov. 2, Election Day! One thing for certain, there will be changes. Good or bad? Time will tell. One thing for sure, in some form or other the country will survive. That means that if The Tea Party or the GOP gets some kind of "mandate" and abuses it, they will hear from the people. Depending on the extent of the abuse, the people's response may not be pretty. The Tea Party and GOP cannot have their version of the country back.

  •  Baseball is done! Guess I'll watch the returns tonight. I'm either brave or just a glutton for punishment! Povero Obama! 
  • Oh my, the election will not be over tonight. I forgot, we are in perpetual motion when it comes to elections. November 2 is the start of Campaign 2012.

  • Can't wait for Spring training camps to open.

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