The American People Have Spoken?

The victorious Republican candidates keep repeating that the American people have spoken. We are bludgeoned with remarks like the people want to cutback on government spending, the people want a smaller government, the people want the health care bill repealed, the people want lower taxes, on and on. Two days of being subjected to this crap drove me to question whether or not I was an " American people". I found it necessary to resurrect my birth certificate and passport in order to ascertain my status. Sure enough I was able to confirm that indeed I am an American. I was not able to confirm that I am people. That figures, because I get the feeling that these "American people" that have spoken do not consider citizens such as me "people". Judging from what the American people want, the "American non-people" are going to be in for the ride of their life. If this is confusing, it is meant to be . I'm confused as all hell! I'm also bitter that too many "American non-people" failed to vote Tuesday. As the saying goes, "what you sow ,you shall reap".

Well, I'm going to settle back for the ride, and leave the political commentaries to others ( I highly recommend John Dickerson's Slate article, The voting public doesn't necessarily believe what Mitch McConnell says it believes).

 By the way there's a rumor being circulated by Tea Party people ( they are purportedly also American people) that the American people have problems with Social Security and Medicare.  I guess I'd better save my money and stay healthy.

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