Having said that, let me be clear!

President Barack Obama  is getting a bum rap for not being a miracle worker . This in the face of significant progress on health care reform, progress on implementing change in Washington,  progress on reigning in the excesses of Wall Street and progress on controlling the abuses of the credit card companies. Having said that, I must admit that there is room for criticism. President Obama has some annoying habits when he speaks. Frequently when making a point, he will follow up with,  "having said that". He then proceeds to qualify the point he made. So what's wrong with that? Well, it leaves me with the impression that he wants to take back what he said or that what he said is really not attainable. Is this a way of saying that change will take time. If so, just say so! I for one am satisfied with progress.

 Then there are the instances when after he eloquently explains a position , he  follows with "let me clear ...". Wasn't he clear in the first place? If not why not? Actually he was.

Criticizing Obama's speech making is  unfair. After all, he brought literacy back to the White House. It is refreshing to have someone who speaks English articulating from The Oval Office.

Having said that, what's really on my mind is , if Obama were white and had achieved what the black Obama achieved in eighteen months, would we be looking at  frantic cries for change come November 2?

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