It's Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings

It appears that the G.O.P. has concluded that the Fat Lady has already sung. From the New York Times article, "G.O.P. Will Chip Away At Health Law", one may conclude that it's all over, the G.O.P. will control the House and it's time to roll back any social progress that the Dems have made. As far as health care reform is concerned, "For starters, Republicans say they will try to withhold money that federal officials need to administer and enforce the law. They know that even if they managed to pass a wholesale repeal, Mr. Obama would veto it. ". As for that intellectual genius who goes by the name of Boehner, "“They’ll get not one dime from us,” the House Republican leader, John A. Boehner of Ohio, told The Cincinnati Enquirer recently. “Not a dime. There is no fixing this.”.  Nancy Pelosi is hardly the Fat Lady, but John "The Orange Man" Boehner has already determined that she has sung her last song and her time as a headliner is over.

The Fat Lady has sung but hold the applause. The next act on the show bill is Stalemate! The party of "No" has been successful in it's "No" strategy and obviously will continue that strategy until Obama surrenders. Even with control of Congress, Obama and his team have struggled. It's nightmarish to think how that team will function with a Republican controlled House. As for the populace, Boehner is prepared to say ' "let them eat cake!" ( Make mine chocolate .)

Charles Leck  in his blog post "It's DE-ja vu all over again!" brings up this fallout from a Republican controlled Congress, "Obama will likely be a one-term president who may not even seek the endorsement to run". Which brings me to the scenario titled - What's Bill Clinton up to?

Bill Clinton has been crisscrossing the country harvesting IOU's from all sorts of office seekers. Hillary Clinton is making a determined bid to get some sort of Mid East peace accord. If the latter occurs, Bill will call in his IOU's , shove them in Obama's face, convincing Obama he should take a page out of Lyndon Johnson's playbook and go back to South Chicago. Hillary will accept her parties endorsement for a run at the presidency. It would make a good Hollywood script if nothing else.

Getting back to the Fat Lady , I hope she gets laryngitis!

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