Garages For Sale

On the way to the supermarket recently , I couldn't help but notice the number of garages which were for sale.  Garage Sale signs popped up at least ten times over the course of a two mile trip. Were people actually trying to sell their garages?  The news lately has been full of stories about foreclosures and the depressed housing market but there had been no mention of a rash of garage sales. Were the number of garages for sale the latest bad economic news?

A closer look at some of the properties advertising a garage sale showed that the owner had conveniently emptied out the garage so that a prospective buyer could survey the garage. Of course this meant that all the junk was spread out all over the lawn. What would the owner do with the junk if he was lucky enough to sell the garage? The high primal suggested that he could have a yard sale.

The problem with a yard sale is that if the yard is sold then the owner is really up shit creek without a paddle. He has sold the garage and now the yard but still has the junk. If I were the owner I'd put the junk up for sale on e-bay and put a sign up - House For Sale by Owner. The by Owner part of the sign is probably superfluous.

There is still a problem! The housing market is depressed. A house without a garage and a yard will never sell. The owner has no choice. Move the junk into the house, burn the house down and spend the next few years in a cell.

All this is not getting me anywhere. My time would be better spent planning my next garage sale - I've got an awful lot of junk to get rid of, not the garage! I'll get to it as soon as I'm back from my appointment with the shrink - first things first.


Charles Leck said...

I've got a brilliant idea: Let's call it a "Junk Sale by Owner on the yard if the weather is okay and in my garage if it's not." Just trying to save you the trip to the shrink. My fee for the above idea will be much less than his fee for any hour's session with him (or her). Your faithful reader in Minnesota.

Tony Rugare said...

Brilliant! It covers all the bases. Thanks