Will another rally restore our sanity?

I understand that on October 30th, our capitol will once again be invaded. Ever since the British took a whack at it in 1812, Washington , D.C. has been a target for anyone that is upset with the status quo. Some organizations will resort to violence. Having failed to get millions to gather on the Mall, Al-Qaeda resorted to a violent attack on September 11, 2001 , much as the British did in 1812. There have been peaceful invasions such as Martin Luther King's civil rights march on Washington. Even thousands of black men with a guilty conscience chose a rally in Washington to advertise their shortcomings. More recently, poor Washington was subjected to Glenn Beck and his followers with their pleas to "restore" America to its theocracy roots. It was inevitable, but all these rallies, prayer meetings and attacks could only result in a rally to end all rallies. Jon Stewart will host a "Rally To Restore Sanity" on October 30, 2010 in Washington, D.C. with the Washington Monument as a backdrop. This makes it official! Politics have now become so funny that it is driving us nuts. At the same time political commentaries are making tons of money for comedians. Our only hope is that Stewart and Colbert can indeed restore our sanity. We'll know they have succeeded if no one shows up for the rally. Of course that won't happen. Midterm elections will be only a few days away and thousands of misinformed citizens will gather on the Mall to become thousands of informed citizens. I'm not going to attend the rally but I will watch on TV. I'm sure that it will be an Emmy Award winning show. Besides there isn't much else to laugh about these days as far as politics is concerned.

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