Rocking Chair Voter

How lazy can I get? Very lazy when it comes to voting. On September 7th an important primary is being held to select candidates for a new fangled County government brought about because of an old, corrupt County government. I will not be at the polls on that date. Its not necessary to be there, since I will have already voted. My ballot is sitting on my desk. All I have to do is open the envelope , relax in my favorite chair with my favorite black ink pen, follow the instructions and fill in the oval next to the name of my favorite candidate. No messing with long lines. No messing with voting machines, or more properly voting contraptions, which are forever changing. No messing with poll workers. No messing with a sticker being pinned on me proclaiming 'I Voted Today'. I can do my civic duty while watching a TV show. I won't be tuning CNN even though they are the self proclaimed super best political pundits. If " All The Kings Men" is playing on one of the movie channels I might tune it in. It might help in sorting out the candidates. All that remains is to decide just when I will open the envelope and go about my voting. It would be unseemly to vote too early. If I wait until the last minute I might miss the filing deadline. Actually I'm bored about the primary, and the candidates I'm being asked to consider. It appears that we'll be swapping one form of corruption for another. All things considered, I must vote. I'll give it another two weeks, then I'll ask the "high primal' for her choice of candidates and mark my ballot accordingly. It will be good to get this frustrating task over with from the comfort of my rocking chair but how do I get the ballot to the mailbox? Guess I''ll have to get my ass in gear, put my Toyota in gear and drive to the post office. Who said that voting is easy!

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