Bombings And Recovery

If I have my history straight, we were in the midst of a plateau in recovering from The Great Depression when Japan gave us the opportunity we were looking for . The arrogant Japanese leaders decided to bomb Pearl Harbor. Bingo! Its war! The factories start to hum, people go to work and the economic recovery begins.

In 2008 we enter into The Great Recession. In 2010, recovery from The Great Recession plateaus. Where's the stimulus? Maybe a war? We are already in a war. We are in two wars. Both have their roots in Al-Qaeda's decision to bomb The Twin Towers way back in 9/11/2001. Arguably, this time war got us into an economic meltdown rather than providing a stimulus for economic growth.

Povero Obama, his options are limited. He's trying to wind down the wars and also get some steam behind  an economic recovery with limited success. This time around he may well have to come up with tax increases in order to pay the piper. I doubt that his handlers will allow such courageous action. Maybe Iran or even North Korea will do something stupid like bombing Israel or South Korea. An opportunity for Obama? Hope not, but it is not to be dismissed lightly. The piper can wait if China is willing.

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