Mission Accomplished?

President Obama has reaffirmed that the Iraq War will finally be over at the end of this month, as least as far as our combat mission is concerned. Mission accomplished? Yes, in terms of Obama's pledge to end the War. Probably no, as far as the stability of Iraq is concerned. As Obama once said , "it is a stupid war". Not only was the war stupid, those who brought it about were stupid. He might have added that whoever thought that stability in Iraq could be achieved through the loss of over 4000 American lives must have been smoking some of that Afghan poppy.

By the end of this month, the American force in Iraq of about 50,000 troops will consist of “advise and assist” brigades. I hope the advice is " learn to take of yourselves. We're getting completely the hell of out of here". I doubt this will have much effect, with Iran just waiting to be the savior of Iraq. Of course, the hawks are already circling, waiting to pounce on Iran.

I hope Obama gets the credit he deserves for ending our involvement in Iraq! If he finds a way to end that quagmire in Afghanistan and finds a way to bring Iran to its senses he will truly be worthy of another Nobel Prize.

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