Idle Thoughts For An Idle Sunday Afternoon

- Much ado is being made about the bucks spent on the Clinton wedding. Isn't that what trickle down economics is all about. Its their money and its nice to see it come back into circulation.

- The Anti Defamation League has come out against a mosque being built close to the 9/11 Ground Zero site. Is it time for the ADA to adopt a name more in keeping with its protest.

- I keep getting e-mails requesting funds for Obama's birthday. I never met the man. Its unseemly to send him a birthday present.

- From the According To Marge blog - Afghanistan is not a place you should go into. It's a place you should get out of! Worth repeating over and over!

- Nation building at the expense of weakening the builder is just plain stupid!

- Living in Ohio's Cuyahoga County is exciting in a perverse sort of way. A corruption scandal every week. I can hardly wait for this week's headlines. Trying to pick an honest candidate for office is like looking for the proverbial needle in a hay stack. Even if you found it , it probably wouldn't be very sharp.

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