Clogged Minds

The thought process during my daily walks has taken its toll on what was once a well oiled mind. Too many thoughts are fighting for my attention. Thoughts about religion, politics, the energy crisis, immigration, the oil spill, on and on. Its gotten to the point where I've even considered inhaling some WD4 oil hoping to free up some of the clogging of my mind's gears. The high primal thinker talked me out of it.

Suddenly one of the thoughts busted loose and communicated an idea. Why not take my walk during a rain storm. That should flush my mind since all I would be able to think of would be how soon could I get the hell out of the rain.

Tried it and it worked. As I walked everything became clearer except for the sky. Besides getting home,soaked to the skin,  it became obvious that I had attributed the problem of a clogged mind to my walking. What was really damaging my mind was blogging. Whether I walked or not , I was constantly thinking of blog posts.

There is no doubt that  walking is aiding my physical fitness. As for my mental fitness, the ultimate solution is to buy an Ipod and stick in my ear. That will cure the constant thinking about blog posts which have led to mental instability.

God knows where the next posts will come from. If he's such a benevolent God why doesn't he tell me. Maybe I could try praying while walking instead of thinking. No, no - I've decided on the Ipod.

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