Q: Why do the New York Yankees insist on treating " God Bless America" as the national anthem?
A: Because King George the Steinbrenner deemed it so.

Q: Why does the Pope lecture the world about the ills of "new capitalism"?
A: To cover up " old totalitarianism" in the church.

Q: Why did Wolf Blitzer say that Barack Obama is the first African-American president to visit an African nation? Were there some previous African - American presidents?
A: Of course not but as Mr. Blitzer explained , Barack Obama, the first African- American President is visiting an African Nation.
Q: Why can't Eric Wedge, the Cleveland Indians manager, make up his mind as to grow a beard or not?
A: He can't make up his mind about anything,least of all his lineup.

Q: Who are the people questioning whether they will buy a General Motors car again?
A: GM retirees. They don't like the 61% government stake in GM! They do like the government saving their pensions.

Did I answer correctly? Who said this was quiz? Besides I used crib notes.


Mother Tesch said...

Hello Tony and the Missus,

I always read your blogs. I don't alway understand, but I like you very much.
Vito and I are senior citizens and we get the feeling that you might be, also.
Vito has been an avid Cub fan for 63 years. For all of those years "they have no pitching". On his gravestone it will read "get um out a there"!!
We noticed that you are a baseball fan, also. Sorry, I don't remember who your team is. How's their pitching?

Mother Tesch said...