Behind The Headlines

Plain Dealer headlines begging for some speculation:

Guns prominent in killings
Not surprising. Not many murderers are skilled with a bow and arrow.

Shaq wants "a ring for the King"
Is the King ( Lebron James) ailing? Shaq has four , why not give the King one? Who made Lebron king anyway?

What's up with all the grunting at Wimbledon
Constipation? Have they ever heard of stool softners?

Devoted family man guilty of bribes, kickbacks
What else is a devoted family man to do to support his family in style given today's economy?

Palin's resignation provokes speculation about her future
Is the directorship of Planned Parenthood in the cards? Will she get a talk show opposite Dave Letterman? Is there a CEO opening at Exxon? Anything but the presidency!

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