Hyphenated Americans

Why do we have so many hyphenated Americans? Seeking an answer I had a dream. In my dream I sought out a higher power. Apparently God talks to the mayor of New Orleans , Pat Robertson , the Pope, and even the President so I decided to contact Him. How to contact Him? Prayer - that’s a one way street. Obviously the aforementioned must have called Him. Was it an unlisted number? A Google search revealed that a contribution to any number of evangelical societies can get you the number. It was worth twenty-five bucks . I called the number but found that heaven has fallen prey to the twenty-first century. It was an automated system. Press 1 if you are an Evangelist. Press 2 if you are a Head of State. Press 3 if you are a Cleric. Press 4 if you are a Suicide Bomber. All others press 5. Since I’m an “all others” I went that route but because of the volume of calls there was about a one year’s wait before a representative could come on line. A heavenly voice did offer the option of going to God’s web site www.talkwithgod.hev. Unfortunately the internet was of no help. The page I was looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or was temporarily unavailable.

I awoke in a start.Having failed to have a two way conversation with God I resorted to talking to myself.There is no doubt that this country has become very diversified. We are now populated by a multitude of hyphenated Americans ( incidentally has anyone ever heard of an English-American?). It is a step forward from the use of ethnic or racial slurs. It goes without saying that it is the contribution of different cultures to our everyday life which has made this country great. Yet one has to ask what is the true purpose of preserving identities thru the use of Hyphenated - American. One purpose is obviously political - to advance special benefits thru a voting block. Another may be a reluctance of some to dive into the melting pot for fear that their culture will be diluted.. It would seem that persisting in identifying the population as hyphenated Americans may lead to a fractured society ruled by “tribes” whose ultimate allegiance is to some homeland ,some religion, or some narrow ethnic values . Political power wielded by any one ethnic group unfortunately can lead to a fractured society ( witness the Cuban-Americans and their quest to destroy Castro while basking in the Florida sun). I would like to believe that the preservation of culture can be preserved within the melting pot. Being an American should take precedence over being a hyphenated American. How to accomplish this lofty objective? That is what I was hoping God would tell me.My wife considers herself a “high primal thinker” so I sought her opinion. “Fuggedaboutit, she said. God created diversity and the United States merely mirrors his plan for this complex world. Don’t stir the pot just keep it hot and sooner or later everyone will jump in.”God did not speak to me but hearing from a “high primal thinker” was the next best thing!

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