Another Nice Mess

In the Laurel and Hardy films , Oliver more often than not wrung his hands and admonished Stan with “ here’s another nice mess you have gotten me into”. The same can be applied to Iraq. We did not learn the lessons of Vietnam and now find ourselves in “another nice mess”. The Administration has announced a new strategy for victory in Iraq. Escalation! It appears to me that this strategy will further weaken this country. The Iraqi will not do the necessary things to strengthen their country. When will we realize that Iraq is a fragmented society with allegiances tied to tribes and religions . Only the bloody rule of Saddam Hussein created any semblance of a strong central government. We are caught in a “fragmire”. Am I wrong but is the rest of the world sitting on the sidelines waiting for the U.S to be so weakened that it will no longer be a super power. Even Laurel and Hardy had the sense to recognize a mess - why not Bush and Cheney.

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