Tony's Finch Diner Declares Bankruptcy

 Tony's Finch Diner will declare bankruptcy! Per my 6/7 post, the finch have decided to boycott my feeder. Taking a page out of Donald Trumps playbook, it is best that I declare bankruptcy and let the finch enjoy themselves wherever they are. Who knows, I may end up a multi-millionaire like Mr. Trump and even run for President in 2020.

I know that I had given up because of the technical problems I've had with my PC, Windows10 and blogger but I got thru this one with a minimum of problems. It just goes to show you that being a quitter is a bad option. On the other hand, ( I'm partial to cliches) I must be a realist and admit that as the years have piled on, my blog posts are comparable to Tweets or Facebook postings at best. I'm not deserting blogger but -----???

BREAKING NEWS! There's a finch at the defunct Tony's Finch Diner. Maybe Trump's business strategy works. Stay tuned.

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