Feeding The "Law and Order" Candidate

News of the slaughter of police officers in Baton Rouge must have Republican strategists hastily coming up with how the Donald is the only choice for stopping this senseless and cowardly violence. The assassination of police officers creates anger and anger feeds votes for Trump. Black lives indeed matter but they will be put into more jeopardy if the likes of a Trump takes residence in the White House. Sure there are bad and cruel police officers. There are many more good and caring officers. The bad officers will thrive under a "law and order" agenda. The self serving hate driving some protesters will only lead to more bloodshed making the demagogues salivate for the chance to impose an autocratic government. Starve the demagogue do not feed him.

With this latest massacre, one has to conclude that although Americans nurture the Second Amendment they certainly prove that they have no respect for lethal instruments in their hands. When the hell is someone going to move for gun control in no uncertain terms.

(I must admit that it is not clear as to whether or not the police were the initial target but the fact remains that gun violence took some lives)

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