May God Have Mercy On Us

One of the lessons of Campaign 2016 may very well be that it is time for change. Not the change that the Democrats and the Republicans talk about which is political garbage but the change that disillusioned voters have inferred by their support of a demagogue like Trump and the Don Quixote like Bernie Sanders. The country needs a new political party which can challenge the stodgy Democrats and Republicans without resorting to misguided showmanship. Bernie Sanders' campaign demonstrates that we are ripe for political change. It will not happen without pain. Unfortunately that pain may very well be a President Trump. May God have mercy on us.

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Charles Leck said...

Yes, I think you are correct, Tony! Change is comin' and we'll see pretty quickly; and both parties may look very different in 8 years time (and they may both be known by different names as well.